About Us

Ever since we were first introduced to this ancient practice many years ago, yoga has enriched all aspects of our lives immeasurably. We are healthier, happier, stronger, calmer, wiser and more confident. We feel younger, more powerful and energetic. We are also much more resilient and able to face life’s challenges with fortitude.


We teach yoga for the simple reason that we also want you to also receive all these benefits!


Our first teacher training qualification was in 2009 with The Bushey School of Yoga, run by Ellen Lee. That 18 month course lay the perfect foundations from which we could grow our personal yoga practice and as teachers.


We subsequently qualified as Gold Standard Teachers (2014) and Platinum Standard Advanced Teachers (2016) with Chi Kri Yoga



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Chi Kri is the Health, Fitness and Well-Being organisation founded in 1990 by Neil Patel, the UK Director for the United Nations International Yoga Day 2015. Neil has 25 years experience teaching Yoga, including at international HSBC conferences and was invited in 2015 to introduce yoga to The House of Lords.


Chi Kri Yoga uniquely brings the most authentic teachings of yoga into the modern world in a way that is accessible to everyone – from a 5 year old, to a banker, to a student, to a grandparent. It incorporates all the key aspects of yoga (like asana, meditation and pranayama), but also has additional elements such as creativity, diet, metaphysics and mind yoga to help people create a lifestyle that improves all areas of their health and wellbeing.


At Chi Kri Yoga, we believe that yoga is much more than just another form of physical exercise; it is a Way of Life, whose practices are designed to improve all aspects of ourselves: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We aim to deliver all our classes in such a way that students are able to appreciate the wider nature of yoga. Our classes are powerful and practical, scientific and spiritual…and most importantly, they are fun!


We believe everybody deserves a friend like Chi Kri Yoga in their life to keep them happy and healthy. Whether it is via public classes, private classes, corporate yoga, workshops, seminars or retreats – give us a call or drop me an email and we can have a chat about what we can do for you!


I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and it has now become a way of life for me. My classes are very special to me and so are all my students. My students are cared for and treated with utmost respect. They are not judged, but listened and guided through their personal growth with compassion.


Each session is different, incorporating asanas, sequences, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and spirituality.


A word from our teacher:-


Miti Shah is one of the most naturally gifted people I’ve ever met.


Her ability to cover all aspects of human nature is quite astonishing and truly represents what Chi Kri is about, and therefore makes her an incredible yoga teacher.


She has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other – and she can flip between the two at ease! Her level of detail in understanding yoga postures is exceptional, and her creative approach to yoga matches this mental self-mastery.


I find myself time and time again, almost by default, being inclined to recommend Miti to people interested in yoga as she simply is a Natural Choice for any growing yoga aspirant.


Students of Miti will not be disappointed by her genuine, grounded and generous  approach to teaching, a true gem of the yoga world!”


Neil Patel, Founder, Director and Grandmaster at Chi Kri Yoga.


In 2012 I quit my highly successful career in Information Technology that spanned over 23 years so that I could be fully committed to teaching yoga. Prior to that I conducted research in Physics at Imperial College London, from where I have been awarded a PhD for my contributions to the field of Laser Spectroscopy.


My style of teaching is strong, energetic and powerful, balanced out with compassion and softness. I look to bring out the best in you each time, helping you to find your edge and grow from there.


A Word from Our Teacher:-


“Wisdom, humility, respect and knowledge all come to mind when I think of Mehul!


I had the privilege of both teaching and training Mehul in yoga for many years, and he always displayed the highest and most consistent standards in everything!


His personality is balanced well between intelligence and joy, and I’ve seen him create some wonderful classes and heard many, many, great things about him as a teacher!


It is rare to meet such a trusting, faithful and steadfast human being, and with the skills of yoga on his side, he is bound to be an inspirational figure to any aspiring yogi. I have trusted Mehul many times within Chi Kri to carry on important tasks and teachings for me, and he does so with confidence and ease, showing his self-control and wisdom.


If someone is looking for an all-round yoga teacher who can deliver physical and verbal instructions clearly, explain the benefits perfectly, and be attentive and kind to each and everyone in the class, then Mehul is quite simply beyond comparison!”


Neil Patel, Founder, Director and Grandmaster at Chi Kri Yoga.

More About Neil Patel



Neil is one of UK’s leading yoga teachers and a highly evolved soul. We feel really blessed and honoured to receive his teachings and guidance on yoga, life and spirituality.


Neil’s mother, Tara Patel, taught yoga for nearly 40 years. Neil used to accompany her when she taught, so yoga and meditation has been a part of his life ever since he was a very young child. He has been teaching yoga since he was a teenager and is well into his third decade as a yoga teacher.


Neil has one foot in the ashram and the other foot in the street, which puts him in the ideal position of being able to impart yoga’s teachings to everyone: from OAPs to working parents to young adults and children. In fact, he is responsible starting UK’s first Hip Hop Yoga classes!


Neil’s guru is Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the greatest spiritual figures of the twentieth century and founder of the Self-Realisation Fellowship.


Neil is a living example of the power of the human soul. At the start of the year 2000 he was diagnosed with sarcoma, a deadly form of cancer and the doctors gave him less than a year to live without treatment!  He declined all forms of conventional treatment and instead opted to use a combination of yoga, diet, spiritual and mental strength to keep the cancer from spreading and taking over his body. He is still alive today and has more energy, vitality and strength than anyone we know!


More About Chi Kri


Chi Kri was founded by Neil Patel in 1990 to unify the ancient values of the East, going back thousands of years, together with the realities of growing up in the West – in the 21st Century.


Chi Kri comes from two Eastern words, Chi, meaning the highest spiritual energy in a human being, and Kri, a Sanskrit root verb, simply meaning action; together, Chi Kri means doing everything with your highest energy.


With the addition of the word Yoga, Chi Kri Yoga means using your highest energy in all actions with the aim of spiritual unification.
Chi Kri has eight limbs through which it operates; these comprise of four from the classical Ashtanga Yoga system of Patanjali namely: Asana (physical exercise), Pranayama (life-force control), Pratyahara (relaxation) and Dhyana (meditation); and four additional subjects namely Metaphysics, Diet, Creativity and Mind Yoga (spiritual psychology).


Chi Kri is also known as “The Way of the Soul” and broadly states that it incorporates Health, Well-Being and Fitness into its practices.


We believe the soul in each human being has the potential to achieve, and do, anything, and we wish to bring that power out in everyone – so that spiritual victory becomes a daily life experience under all circumstances.


The Chi Kri Ethos


Chi Kri’s core ethos is to bring peace out in the individual, with a larger aim of bringing peace out in the world. We believe the disconnection with the soul, the reservoir of the human higher nature, is the reason why an individual may not enjoy constant peace and happiness within. So reconnecting them with their inner-self through natural and harmonizing practices like yoga and meditation is one of our driving principles. It is our belief that if each individual connects himself or herself it will automatically make the world a better place.


Although Chi Kri operates as a ‘business’ in the sense that it is a financially self-sustaining operation it believes its real wealth lies in the happiness experienced by its users.

The word yoga means union, and therefore Chi Kri aims to unify the community through its activities. There is a strong family aspect to Chi Kri where we make sure we are not driven by money alone, but by the pleasure of service and our duty to humanity.


Self-healing is also a big part of what Chi Kri believes. We believe that innate in each being lies the capacity to heal from within. We are neither medical professionals, nor qualified psychologists, but we feel that a positive mindset does influence human biology from the immune system all the way to a person’s energy levels. Therefore it is important to us that our teachers, staff and users enjoy positive states of happiness derived from internal means rather than dependency on the material world.


We believe in fairness, justice and truth – making sure that we employ these in all activities, be it teaching or learning at Chi Kri.